About Me

Who am I?

To begin with, I’m totally content with: 1) having been very happily married for over 40 years, 2) being the father of two amazing sons, 3) having lived my entire life in the great American South (North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia).  I can think of nowhere else that I’d rather be, and 4) being retired after working 42 years in corporate America in the fields of Human Resource management, Manufacturing management, and Quality Systems.

In my spare time, I worked as a sports photographer for approximately 10 years covering college and professional sporting events.

I’m an on-again, off-again blogger having had no less than three blogs, the first hosted by Blogger.com and two others here on WordPress. I assume that the contents of those blogs are floating around out there on a “cloud” somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea where.


I’ve had a lifelong interest in expressing myself in writing, which after a 4 or 5 year hiatus has led me back to WordPress to start my fourth blog.  Writing is apparently an itch which I frequently have a need to scratch.

I’m calling this new blog, Incidental Punditry; at least for now.  Breaking that title down and examining the definitions of the words which make it up may explain why I chose it.

Incidental: occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation
Punditry: the expressing of expert opinions

Disregarding the reference to the word expert in the second definition (which I clearly am not) will more accurately convey my personal vision for the content of this blog.

Think of it as:

The expression of opinions regarding random topics
which are triggered by chance and unforeseen observations

If you come across anything here which, at a bare minimum, causes you to pause and think, “Hmmm?“, then I will be satisfied.

If not, no harm done, have a great day!

Background image by Fabio Santaniello Bruun on UnSplash